Disaster Alert.

Our Work


Our disaster preparedness program adopts a proactive approach aimed at ensuring an effective and efficient response to natural and human-induced disasters.

Our disaster preparedness strategies include

  • Advocacy, sensitization, and awareness creation, through formal and informal media.
  • Develop the capacity of individuals and communities to prepare for and respond to disasters through effective capacity building.


Our disaster mitigation program is aimed at minimizing the destructive and disruptive effects of hazards on vulnerable areas, communities, and households.

Our disaster mitigation strategies include

  • Providing relief to vulnerable communities
  • Conducting orientation and sensitization
  • Conducting training exercises
  • Organizing stakeholders meeting


Our disaster risk reduction efforts are aimed at minimizing the potential impact of disasters on humans, socio-economic activities, and the environment.

Our disaster risk reduction strategies include

  • Raising community awareness on natural and human-induced disasters.
  • Building community resilience and improving the capacity of communities to cope with the incidence of disasters peculiar to their environment.
  • Enhancing community participation in planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of disaster risk reduction activities.
  • Developing effective community based early warning systems